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    Permanent exhibitions of Hunan culture

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    Permanent exhibitions of Hunan culture

    From May 18, 2019
    Location: Hunan Museum, Changsha city, Hunan province

    The exhibitions of Hunan culture encompass the local culture of Guqin (a plucked seven-string Chinese zither-like musical instrument), ceramics, and paintings. As an organic whole, they complement each other and represent the elegant life and fine taste of people in Hunan.

    The exhibition of Guqin culture in Hunan, focusing on the history of the instrument, shows people’s deep affection for it as well as its influence on Hunan culture from different perspectives.

    Display of the Guqin and manuscripts of scores [Photo provided to]

    The exhibition of ceramic paintings from the Changsha Kiln to the Liling Kiln, the first of its kind to introduce the art of ceramic painting, chronicles the development of painting on ceramic ware and highlights the importance of Hunan painted specimens in the history of Chinese ceramics.

    The exhibition of ceramic paintings displays an array of kiln wares in Hunan province. [Photo provided to]

    The exhibition of famous Chinese painter Qi Baishi’s paintings covers the master's creations from the early to late periods of his career, striving to give a complete picture of the evolution of his painting styles and to convey his unique artistic self-confidence and inherent sense of innovation. As a Hunan native, Qi created artworks that are intrinsically connected with local culture.

    A collection of Qi Baishi’s paintings created from the early to late periods of his career are on display. [Photo provided to]

    The permanent exhibitions capture the essence of Hunan culture from the perspectives of Guqin, ceramics, and painting, bringing a diversified experience to the audience through a combination of cultural narrative and artistic presentation. A number of cultural relics are on display for the first time.

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